Strong Sense of Ethics and Justice

My son found Mr. S. David Worhatch on Google with good recommendations regarding employment issues from the employee side, so I contacted [him. I found … David … to be a very experienced professional with a strong sense of ethics and justice. When he consulted with me, he is always empathetic and took my life situation and experience into consideration before giving advice or guidance regarding the laws related to my case. With his representation, he negotiated a fair settlement with my former employer. I strongly recommend Mr. S. David Worhatch to anyone needing representation with labor or employment issues. He is the best!


Would Not Hesitate to Work with Him

I asked Attorney David Worhatch to review a document from a former employer. He gave an easy to understand analysis of the contents … and realistic advice about how to proceed. He has a very professional and calm demeanor that made for a pleasant visit. I would not hesitate to work with him in the future.


Very Pleased with The Service

I contacted Attorney Worhatch about some concerns about my job and he was very helpful. I was very pleased with the service I received and he was very friendly. I would defiantly contact him if I needed help again.


I Can't Say Enough Great Things About Him

I called Attorney Worhatch about an issue with my employer. He gave me a great deal of helpful information and told me what steps to take next. The awesome thing is he wasn't even hired as my attorney. He didn't have to do any of the things that he did. I was overwhelmed and frustrated but he was the light at the end of the tunnel. I can't say enough great things about him. He's the attorney with a heart!!!!


Very Generous Settlement

We have used David's services for many years and he has always been an excellent advocate. My first experience with David involved an employment dispute where I needed someone to negotiate an equitable settlement. This was an instance where, due to a recent major surgery, I needed someone to step in and do what I couldn't do. David was able to achieve a very generous settlement for me. In recent years, we have used David's services in a breach of contract situation. In this instance, he helped us understand our options and recommended a legal strategy for us to pursue. David has the ability to quickly assess legal options, to fully communicate those options to a lay person like me, and to formulate the best strategic plan for winning. His negotiation skills are excellent and, due to his precise time management, his fees are always very fair. I enthusiastically recommend David's services.


Very Helpful in Every Way

BEST ATTORNEY EVER!! So very helpful in every way! I was wrongfully discharged from my place of employment. Mr. Worhatch was always available to talk, always returned my phone calls, and was very good at explaining my options! I was a nervous wreck because of everything that had happened to me but he definitely made the transition easier! I won my case because of him. All around great, honest guy! Thank you so much!


I Am Very Pleased

This is the second time David has represented me in a labor-related case, both times with excellent results. Working with David is like working with a friend. He listen to the facts of my case patiently and came up with different scenario options immediately. He negotiated a fair deal for me … and I am very pleased. When it comes to attorneys, David is “The Man,” and there is no one else.


He Genuinely Cares

I met Attorney S. David Worhatch from my research on the internet earlier this year. I found myself in unfamiliar territory and my back up against the wall with employee rights issues. My first impressions have become my lasting impressions. S. David Worhatch is a difference maker and restored my rights with a favorable outcome. I will recommend him to family and friends (and already have) because of his fantastic work, but also because he genuinely cares.


I Know of No One Else I Would Rather Have in My Corner

I have known David for seven years and continue to be impressed with his integrity and the skill, determination and passion he brings to help his clients’ resolve their issues. His educational and supportive approach is surely helpful to those who have found themselves in unfamiliar territory.

My background as a Human Resources executive for international businesses has led to numerous interesting discussions about some of his cases. David, a consummate professional, always maintains his client’s privacy. Even so, I have gained insight about how well he is able to bring together his own corporate experience, his understanding of the law and judicial system and his negotiations expertise to work toward positive outcomes.

I know of no one else I would rather have in my corner if facing a challenging legal situation.


I Now Consider Him My Go-To Legal Help

If you are a woman caught in an unfair workplace situation that threatens to damage your professional and economic standing, I highly suggest that you call the Law Offices of S. David Worhatch immediately.

Mr. Worhatch settled my case quickly, professionally, and to my every advantage. His knowledge of U.S. Employment law and the culture and practices of international companies was instrumental in achieving success for me. Moreover, he did all of this at a very reasonable cost and with the highest attention to detail and timely communication. He made a very traumatic experience much easier to bear. I now consider him my go-to legal help for all business matters!


Straightforward, Honest, and Tough!

If you are having an employment issue that you know to be unfair and have the facts to support your case, then S. David Worhatch is the attorney you want on your side. He will dig deep into your case, prepare you for the ups and downs factually and not sugar coat it to appease you. If you are right, he will fight for you, [and] if you are wrong, he will advise you of that with the facts and reasons why! Straightforward, honest, and tough!


I Would Not Have Gotten My House without His Help!

I needed an attorney with knowledge of real estate [and] bankruptcy law to help me purchase a house. I saw David Worhatch online [and] called his secretary to ask some questions. She got me an appointment with David that afternoon. He made a few phone calls, sent a few emails [and] got my house! Smart guy, excellent speaker [and] he knows the law! Super glad I chose him - I would not have gotten my house without his help!


Remarkably Intelligent Attorney

A remarkably intelligent attorney. We had the pleasure of his service in Ohio, from Florida. Not only a very honest man, but a gentleman. our case lasted nearly 11 years and he was on top of it the entire time. Ohio is very fortunate to have such an honest and diligent attorney. We will consider him more now as a friend and so grateful we chose such a person as David Worhatch to look after our needs in Ohio and recommend him highly.

I was made successor trustee to a very complicated trust. David took on my challenge. There were many properties that needed to be liquidated. Most cases there was title issues on them. We had to go to court on many other issues in Ohio. Each case David handled with the expertise of a surgeon. I was always in the loop with whatever was going on in the trust matters under litigation or administration. His attention to detail and willingness to work with any parties was exceptional. I all cases he conducted himself with a professionalism that outshines any attorney that came in opposition with. I never had to worry about anything because Mr. Worhatch had my back.


Honorable, Fair, Brilliant … and Quite Possibly the Best Attorney on The Planet!

Our family business has … turned to David Worhatch many times for an assortment of business and personal matters. He has always been very responsive. He is honorable, fair, brilliant … and quite possibly the best attorney on the planet!

Our business needed legal counsel … due to a lawsuit that was filed against us by a bank stemming from an act of embezzlement committed by an unscrupulous ex-employee. Initially, we hired an attorney we had used in the past, but he did not keep us informed and we began to worry about the quality of our representation. Our accountant highly recommended Mr. Worhatch as he had hired David for problems in his own firm that were caused by an unscrupulous partner. Our accountant explained that Mr. Worhatch had filed and won a lawsuit against that partner for losses sustained by the partnership.

Taking our accountant’s advice was the best thing that we could’ve done. After apprising him of our situation, Mr. Worhatch … came up with a strategy to stop the bank from winning its lawsuit against us. We were on the brink of losing the case due to the other attorney’s incompetence ... Lessons learned … always hire the right person for the job.

The bank’s case was masterfully settled thanks to Mr. Worhatch’s negotiation expertise and comprehensive understanding of the law. Our business was saved and we wound up not having to pay a red cent to the bank. Mr. Worhatch has continued to be our company’s “go-to” attorney ever since.

[Some years later], individual members of our family joined in hiring Mr. Worhatch on an issue concerning an irrevocable trust. The grantor of the trust wanted to amend or revoke that trust, and all but one of the family members were prepared to go along. However, our long-time family attorney said that the grantor of a trust could not take such an action, not even with court approval, and that the one family member’s objection in any event would make it highly unlikely that the trust’s terms ever would be changed. David researched the law and found out that a [newly enacted] statute … open[ed] the door to bringing a lawsuit of this type even though such an action could not have been tried before. Mr. Worhatch brought the lawsuit on behalf of the grantor of the trust and all of the family members who agreed with his plans for modifying the trust’s terms. After the judge agreed that the case could not be thrown out because of the amended version of that statute, Mr. Worhatch persuaded everyone to sit down with a mediator and an equitable settlement ultimately was concluded … one that sidestepped family disharmony and brought peace when it eventually comes time to distribute the assets of the trust.

My family and our business have trusted David with these two very important legal issues and have come out on top. He fought for us like it was his very own personal fight. We have been asked several times … “Do you know a good attorney?” Our answer is always resoundingly, “YES!!! Call David Worhatch!”


Won My Case!

Mr. Worhatch was very professional, well versed in complex issues, and most importantly - WON my case! If there was an award for best dressed in the courtroom, he'd win that too! I really can't express how much I appreciate the time and effort he put in my case. I truly felt as if he was in this with me, not for me.


Knowledgeable and Personable

S. David Worhatch is knowledgeable and personable. Unsure of what direction I wanted to take with a work issue, he gave me insightful advice and helped me protect my interests. I would recommend S. David Worhatch without hesitation.


Definitely Our Guy

Mr. S. David Worhatch has been an amazing attorney for us. He is a fair and honest man that we are proud to call our attorney. If we need [an] attorney in the future he is definitely our guy. His secretary Sara is also amazing and they make a great team. Thank you, Mr. Worhatch!


I Would Not Hesitate to Seek His Assistance

I contacted David Worhatch via email and was pleased to receive a phone call from him the same afternoon. He was polite, professional, kind and answered my questions and addressed my concerns. I would not hesitate to seek his assistance in the future if needed. Thank you.


Especially Helpful with Employment Issues

I used David's professional services a couple of times. I have full confidence and trust in David's ability to handle any type of situation, and he's especially helpful with employment issues on the employee side of the issue. I was happy to have found David, and that he was able to fit me in to his busy schedule at the last minute. Although it's a smaller law firm, you can bet that David will step up and be as powerful as any larger law firm, if necessary.


Very Knowledgeable and Courteous

I contacted Mr. Worhatch for some legal guidance and he was very knowledgeable and courteous. He was able to guide me through my options and provide a very attentive ear. He will certainly be my first call if I have any needs in the future. Thank you again!


This Man Is Brilliant

First of all, let me start by saying this man is brilliant. My case was well handled and at every point I was advised with what to expect, yay or nay, and I really appreciated it. Needless to say, I was pleased with the outcome.


Exceeds Personal and Professional Expectations

I know that … Attorney [Worhatch] is actually very astute, diligent, and honest. He also exceeds personal and professional expectations. As it is in medicine, there are specialized branches of expertise, and he does not misrepresent himself as some attorneys and physicians do. It is an interesting and fulfilling experience to work with him and his offices associate … as well.


Depth Understanding of A Wide Range of Legal Issues

David Worhatch is an excellent attorney with an in-depth understanding of a wide range of legal issues. He is a strong and determined advocate, competent on "both sides" of a case, whether prosecuting or defending. He is incisive and achieves an understanding of the issues quickly, saving time and money. An excellent and effective writer, he frames issues for judicial review in a manner that significantly favors a positive ruling. I do not hesitate to recommend him for any legal work.


Brilliant, Compassionate, No-Nonsense Attorney

Brilliant, compassionate, no-nonsense attorney - unparalleled in his legal expertise, creative & strategic thinking, political acumen and bold representation of his clients' best interest. I recommended him whole-heartedly and without hesitation!


Reasonable & a Pleasure to Talk To

Informative. Reasonable & a pleasure to talk to.


Dedicated and Compassionate

Thank you for your support and hard work these past few years. Having your conviction backing me up was a huge relief. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me.


Quick turnaround!

You got us our house! We got it May 29th and moved in July 26th. You are both awesome! I can’t believe how lucky I was to find you! We love it here! Thank you so much!

Ed and Sue

Knowledgeable and Personable

S. David Worhatch is knowledgeable and personable. Unsure of what direction I wanted to take with a work issue, he gave me insightful advice and helped me protect my interests. I would recommend S. David Worhatch without hesitation.

Brandy H.